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Water Thunder Performance


 Comments: 1 Likes: 15 • 12:35am March 29, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
Also, this is in 60 fps, so if you go to youtube you should be able to watch it in slow motion also.
 Likes: 1 • 1:18am March 29, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
About to start the worst part ring filing.

About to start the worst part ring filing.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 11 • 1:59pm March 7, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
not enough room in our shop for that, so this is the worst part.
 Likes: 0 • 2:26am March 10, 2014
Danny Martin Jr.
Block honing is the worst!
 Likes: 0 • 3:37pm March 8, 2014
Water Thunder Performance

Great day at the races we had 3 motors there and all 3 placed in 1st. Congratulations to Brandon and Hawk Racing for winning Unlimited, Brad for winning alcohol race boat and James for winning automotive class.

Here is a nice ride along with Brad.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 30 • 1:32pm February 10, 2014
Jay Michael
They need a handicap division!!!
 Likes: 1 • 6:25pm February 10, 2014
George Bryant
Looking good
 Likes: 0 • 1:51pm February 10, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
More unlimited work this week. Freshening up the 427.

More unlimited work this week. Freshening up the 427.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 28 • 2:51pm February 4, 2014
Terry Farkas
 Likes: 0 • 11:49am February 5, 2014
Jr Mcmickle
Nice. ..
 Likes: 0 • 3:36pm February 4, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
Unlimited boat prep this week.

Unlimited boat prep this week.

 Comments: 8 Likes: 73 • 4:48pm January 30, 2014
Ed Fransiscus
Hold back some but use enough to win
 Likes: 0 • 8:32pm January 30, 2014
Greg Hoying
Pure craziness. Love it!
 Likes: 0 • 8:11pm January 30, 2014
Water Thunder Performance
One of the aircraft motors we have put EFI on.

One of the aircraft motors we have put EFI on.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 38 • 12:50pm January 15, 2014
Kevin Bailey
That EFI is baddass!
 Likes: 0 • 5:22pm January 15, 2014
Angie Matthews-Clemons
David, when we ever get money for an airboat, you ARE doing our motor! No doubt about that!!
 Likes: 1 • 12:55pm January 15, 2014
Water Thunder Performance

You will see a lot of pictures on here since our new website www.waterthunder.com pulls all of them from here, but it pulls the videos from our Youtube account, so you won't see all of videos here. I will try to upload some, but you will have to visit our site to see them all.

 Comments: 0 •  Likes: 16 • 8:32pm December 29, 2013
Water Thunder Performance
If your first question is how much does that crank cost, you can't afford it. It is a beautiful $3000 crank.

WaterThunder Performance added 38 new photos to the album Showcase.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 17 • 4:30pm December 25, 2013
Water Thunder Performance
Great album!!
 Likes: 1 • 11:21am January 1, 2014
Greg Hoying
Very pretty David. Gotta say. I'm happy as hell with my WaterThunder engine.
 Likes: 1 • 4:10pm December 5, 2013
Water Thunder Performance
WaterThunder Performance LS7 based stroker motor. This one is also supercharged because more is never enough.

WaterThunder Performance added 11 new photos to the album Fuel Injected 440 Cubic Inch Motors.

 Comments: 2 Likes: 9 • 3:13pm December 25, 2013
Greg Hoying
You can never have too much power when you're in the swamp...
 Likes: 0 • 7:43am December 26, 2013
Brian Blair
Man I want one of those boats and WaterThunder power plants.
 Likes: 0 • 3:37pm December 25, 2013